SD card corruption due to crash or crash due to SD card corruption?

Yesterday I set up my Tarot680 with autotune and some flight tests and my hexacopter did fine (a short clip from yesterday here )
my internal compass was fine except when flying backwards for over about 10s seconds the copter yawed clockwise about 90 degrees;
today used an external compass - after calibration i took off in position hold - fine for about 1 minute; EKF2 IMU1 ground mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned showed up and suddenly the copter dropped like a stone;
I checked all cables, power module, everything still connected and working after the crash (except a broken motor mount); after the crash I switched mot emerg switch on and off again - props spinned again ( I shut them off again) after the crash; - so I assume autpilot was still working and didn’t power off (copter was still armed);
during crash i wasn’t using my transmitter - i was looking at Missionplanner at that moment;

all files on my sd card are corrupted and i can see physical damage on one of the sdcard’s contacts;
here is my telemetry log - all i have - and very very bad link quality doesn’t give much hints;
2017-03-29 17-51-56.tlog (1.8 MB)
using copter 3.4.6

now my question is: would a corrupted sd card make the copter fall out of the sky?