Scripts for autonomous specific flight scenarios for Arduplane?

Hi Ardupilot/Arduplane experts,
I’m a beginner in Ardupilot world, I’m working on a personal project.
My goal with this platform is to build specific autonomous flights scenarios for a “fixed wings” UAV
It’s not about waypoints, is to define and write a very autonomous specific way of flying
These flight sequences will alternate different flight angles, in all angles.
Searching the forums, I found scripts in Luna but I think this is for “simple” waypoints in Mission Planner, so maybe with scripts for acrobatics ?
Will it be with Mission planner with scripts in LUA, or with MAVPROXY with scripts in Python? I don’t know and a bit lost.
Could you advise me?
Thanks a lot for your help

Scripted acrobatics for plane was merged into master a little while ago. Might be what you are looking for. Scripting: allow for aerobatics in AUTO mode in plane by tridge · Pull Request #19039 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
Here is a full thread about the development of the feature. Arduplane autonomous aerobatics - #7 by andyp

ArduPilot supports running Lua scripts on the hardware Lua Scripts — Plane documentation
There are also python scripts that can be run through IronPython in Mission Planner. A python program that uses dronekit or pymavlink can be run along side Mission Planner or MAVProxy while the GCS is connected to a vehicle. The GCS options require a connection between the vehicle and the GCS which is not always a good assumption to make.

It is also possible to do it with a companion computer, but that’s extra weight and hardware and adding a new binding to Lua is fairly easy.

Thanks TunaLobster, I’ll look at these links