Script acces to GLOBAL_POSITION_INT (#33) parameters besides lng, lat, alt

For the purpose of formation flying from within Script, it would be very handy to have access to the other parameters of the GLOBAL_POSITION_INT message, namely: vx, vy, vz. I dug through the MissionPlanner code and it seems all built in flocking code uses cs.groundcourse, cs.groundspeed, and cs.verticalspeed, and then decompose them to global cartesian coordinates. These come from other messages which require that the sensor and/or attitude telemetry packets be received at a rate suitable for control. With multiple UAVs on the same radio (RFD900 multi point), this is problematic even with 250kbit on air baud rate for 3 UAVS at close range.

Am I missing this functionality in one or more of the available classes,or, if not, would it be difficult to add them to the cs class, where the other information from the GLOBAL_POSITION_INT packet ends up?

Thank you,

i assume you are using cs ? to access your info?

ill add vx/y/z to cs

I am. Thank you very much! That could also improve the functionality of the internal swarming, since those are the EKF velocities and you could achieve higher data rates.