Scientific Telemetry using Mission Planner


I am working on a senior design project at a university and I have a question. I have no experience with Ardupilot or Pix Hawk/Pilot Cube and Mission Planner. The team that I am apart of is utilizing a high-altitude balloon up to 100K ft to gather wind data to characterize high altitude turbulence. We are planning on using an RFD900x-US as the telemetry radio from the Cube Pilot Orange on the payload and utilizing mission planner with another RDF900x-US on the ground. Is there a way to create a custom telemetry where the data being sent from the payload to the ground is the standard telemetry data but also scientific readings from the sensors on board the high-altitude balloon?

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Yes, there is. There custom MAVLink messages that you can use and on the ground station you can repack then in the scientific format you want.

Or you can inject them directly in the RFD if if configure it as transparent link instead of MAVLink link.

First option is better.