Schoolboy error crash :( Oh my propnuts

So my TBS Disco was flying quite well when a prop came off in flight, and I only have myself to blame!

I am running pixhawk 3.3.3 with dji 920kv style motors, now these motors have a keyed shaft as do the props so they can’t turn, also the prop nuts are left and right threaded. As the nuts are handed I kinda assumed these would be almost self-tightening, but obviously as the shaft/prop are keyed they are not! I did pinch them up with a spanner, more than hand tight but clearly they need to be fully tightened. Anyway a short way through the 2nd battery I lost a prop during fast forward flight, needless to mention the outcome on a quadcopter…

2 broken arms, broken GPS mast, broken telem antenna, lost prop and nut - not too bad :slight_smile:

I have come from a racing 250 quad with similar left/right hand threaded nuts however the shafts/props are not keyed so they cannot come loose, I will however be fully tightening these in future.

Not really looking for any answers, just an info post.

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Have some reassurance, we all do something like that at one time or other. If you don’t you are not trying hard enough!

:slight_smile: Cheers, how do we upload a log on this site?

You can upload to dropbox or something similar.