Schematics in PDF format

I ordered a Pixhawk2.1 because I really like the idea of the Cube to design a custom Board.
I’m using KiCad on Linux for PCB design and can’t read the Altium PCB files from github.
Would maybe someone so kind to convert the schematic of the carrier board to a PDF for me? That would be really great!

Many thanks and best regards

You could try Altium Viewer (free), or have a look at the px4 repo here: which has some PDF schematics in it (pinout hasn’t changed for the df17).

Hi I’m looking for the schematics for the pixhawk cube buttom PCB (FMU) and couldn’t find it.

Do you know where could it be found?

Some here:

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Oh thanks sorry for the late replay.
there are a few revisions for this FMU do you know which is the right one for the profic CNC cube 2.1?

Sorry, unsure. The solo fmu doesn’t have exposed pwm pads, the cube does, is one visual difference. Not an easy pcb to diy - iirc it’s 6 layers.