Scary Takeoff

Let me say that my homebuilt 450 is flying well, very stable in both the Stabilize and Altitude Hold modes. I adjusted the throttle mid-range setting and the transition to Altitude Hold is spot on. Loiter mode is next when I find a little more room to fly. Flight time is about 5 minutes with a low-end 2200mah LiPo. But the take-off still has me concerned. When I power up to the float level it always leans to the right. I have to quickly add more power to stop it from tipping over. The transition is scary. Battery is located mid-center so I don’t think balance is a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Lynn, Austin, TX

Many do not try to “float” off the ground. Too many factors include ground effects to cause tips. Many myself included “jump” off the ground with a burst of full throttle. I then immediately center the left stick and adjust as needed. This usually results in my quad being about 3 to 5 feet up.

Thanks, PARKGT. Thinking back to my flying days, we did go to the end of the runway and apply full throttle. Gives me confidence when others are using a similar technique. Thanks for the feedback, Lynn.