Scam Parachute Seller from Alibaba

So far I only post technical questions on here. Recently I had a really bad experience I like to share. I purchased a parachute for testing from this company on alibaba website.

Once the product arrives, I asked for technical information in regards to installing the parachute. This person Jimmy Chen, doesn’t seems to know any technical information. I asked simple question like how the wires are connected etc. Not only he doesn’t know, he refused to ask the technical person to explain the product.

In the end I asked why are you wasting my time, that’s when he started spewing vulgarities.
Anyway long story short. I found that his company is JUST A SMALL RETAIL STORE. The original manufacturer is another company which I already found and gotten the technical info from. (Since I am not trying to sell this product, if you are keen just pm I will share)

Don’t believe everything you on alibaba. Some of these companies are fake/scam. Especially becareful of buying any UAV products from this company.