Sbus passthrough protocal (10) not working

Hello I have several copters I am trying to set up the Yaapu script on my Taranis radio… I am using the set up on all copters as shown in attached diagram including the bi-directional cable to cubes telem2 port and have all x9d+ radios updated to 2.2.4 or higher 2.3 … when i set the protocal to 4 (sbus) My radios can find the telemetry, however when I set to 10 (and re-boot cube) the telemetry on the Taranis cannot find telemetry. Im hoping someone can tell me what I am missing as I am at a loss on why thelemetry passthrough is not working


Check my problems:

Thank you for your response

The set I have 4 drones 2 orange cube one black one blue, two use x9d+ and 2 use QX7 both firmware is updated as recommended
I tried Shawns suggestion with the orange cubes but it appears they still need the cable

As I said, the sbus (4) option gives me telemetry data… The sbus passthrough(10)protocol should display more data and uses numeric codes… I acually had this working on the x9D+ but I am not sure why it stopped working and since then all I get is the older sbus

perhaps there is another firmware in the radio (Taranis) I need to update? … I have latest firmware on all the frsky radios on the drones (RX6R X8R and Rx8r (2)