Sbus flags for failsafe

Does copter use the sbus failsafe flag to identify a a failsafe condition?

Please advise.




Currently the lack of signal on CH3 is considered to trigger the failsafe

I think that is incorrect.

The underlying PX4 firmware obviously has support for the SBUS failsafe signal:

The ArduPilot PX4 HAL explicitly checks for a failsafe reported by the firmware:

So it looks like the answer is “yes, copter uses the sbus failsafe flag”.

…but I am not an expert on the ardupilot code, so it’s entirely possible I’m misreading things.

Check radio.cpp for copter

Thanks all for your help with this, I figured out with my system that my receiver turns off the signals output to the Navio2. As a consequence failsafe gets triggered because of the low-throttle rule.

Do you have to tell ArduPilot whether you are using SBUS or PPM? I cannot find any parameter in which you select SBUS or PPM.