Saving parameters v2.0.18?

APM Planner V2.0.18
FC: APM mini 3.1

If I go into say, Standandard parameters and change the first setting (PILOT_TKOFF_ALT), then click wirte to APM it tells me no programs to write. If I leave planner and come back in its back to the default setting. What am I missing? The voice also keeps telling me something about checking mag field, so I tried compass motor calib and it gives me a rejected CMD: 241 error and now if I disconnect planner and try to arm my quad it wont arm anymore, if I try ESC calib. that works and motors are armed when finished.

Update: everything became trashed! I couldn’t even see any movement from my sticks in Rc calibration, so I ended up reinstalling firmware, all mandatory calibrations done successfully, but now it tells me rearm check or prearm check not calibrated (Not even listen in error message doc’s) , and still cannot arm my motors from planner or running on LiPo. Still cant write my parameters either, but not worried for now since I can’t even arm my motors anymore.