Saving Missions an a PC / (Re)Loading to APM

I’ve a problem with the Mission Planner. I planned a mission and uploaded it to the APM for my APMPlane Bixler2 Aircraft. Everythings working fine. But my mission is lost after planning und uploading a new mission. Is there any trick to save/upload an old mission to APM after a new mission was done?

In the APM Planner 2.0 Software there is an option in the Planning Menu to Upload/Download Missions and save them an a PC, but the APM Planner is very slow in reading the Waypoints out of my APM and it often crashes on my Win7-Laptop :cry:

I found my Mission Data in the Dataflash-Logfiles but how can I get them back into the APM?

If you right click on the Mission Planner map tile, a menu will open up that will let you save an existing mission and load previously saved missions in whatever directory you may designate.
TCIII Developer

:astonished: thanks, it works. shame on me :laughing: