Saving current location of the copter as Waypoint

I didn’t found such option I think it will be very useful for example for photography. I would like to have possibility to save current location and heading of the copter during flight. It could be saved maybe as waypoint. That will be great for taking pictures from the same point during different seasons. I think that will be generally useful to safe waypoints based on current flight position and next to load them to flight plan or just load and flight to them. Maybe there is such option in QGC ?

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Probably you could do this by RCx_Option = 7

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When creating a plan while a vehicle is in the air you can change a waypoint item to be the current location of the vehicle by clicking on the hamburger menu and selecting ‘Move to vehicle position’:
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 8.55.15 AM

You will need to adjust yaw manually though.

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I just want to notice that RC8 or RC7_OPTION - SaveWP - save waypoint by switch doesn’t work

@DonLakeFlyer Hi today I had opportunity to test option “save waypoint, move to vehicle position” and it didn’t work. I added the waypoint and next chose option “Move to vehicle position” and nothing happened… Ia m using current official android version of QGC.

I don’t understand what you mean when you say “save waypoint”.

@DonLakeFlyer sorry for poor English. Please just check function “Move to vehicle position”. In my opinion it doesn’t work.

No problem at all. I tested this myself and it was working fine for me. Is it possible to make a video screenshot of you trying this where it doesn’t work and linking to it here?

Today I checked this function again. It works! Sorry for bothering you. I had problems with my telemetry radios so maybe that’s why it was not working.

Is this function saving also yaw direction ?

It does not save yaw