SaveWaypoints and waiting

I have a boat to catch fish and I use Arducopter 2.6 ardurover v2.5.1 beta on this boat. I can save as many waypoints as I want with the Ch7 parameter from the 7th channel of Radio Control. When I switch to automatic mode, these dots turn one by one. However, after waiting 30 seconds at each point, I want it to move to the next point. But I don’t know how I can do this from my radio controller with a single switch to record allwaypoints and hold 30 seconds. Because I want to do this from the remote.
I am aware that the software is a very old version, but I still think someone with knowledge can help.

The only way I can see that you will be able to achieve this is:

  1. Save you waypoints using Ch7 as you are doing
  2. Download the points to your ground station (eg Mission Planner)
  3. Edit the mission plan to include the 30 second delays
    3a) Optionally save this plan on your ground station for use another day
  4. Upload the new mission plan to your boat
  5. Switch to auto mode.

Other more knowledgeable people may be able to give a more definite answer.

Thank you for your answer.
Although this is the easiest way, I want to do this with the remote.
Because in every waypoint, I will pour the bait for the fish through the bait chamber. And it is not possible for me to detect from a distance that the vehicle has gone to that point, the only way is to wait there for a while when it goes to the point. When I realize that the boat is waiting, I can pour the bait.
In the Ardurover software, there should be a function that records the waypoint with the CH7 function, while this function can record the value of the relay as “10” or “20” instead of 0, and then the ardurover v2.5.1 can be recompiled and converted to hex. However, it would be more difficult for me to find someone who can help with this, than to enter the lake myself and catch the fish with my hands.

Working with Rover v2.5.1 this is probably true.

Thank you my friend :slight_smile: