SaveWayPoints and waiting.. (CH7_OPTION)

I have a boat to catch fish and I use Arducopter 2.6 ardurover v2.5.1 beta on this boat. I can save as many waypoints as I want with the Ch7 parameter from the 7th channel of Radio Control. When I switch to automatic mode, these dots turn one by one. However, after waiting 30 seconds at each point, I want it to move to the next point. But I don’t know how I can do this from my radio controller with a single switch to record allwaypoints and hold 30 seconds. Because I want to do this from the remote.
I am aware that the software is a very old version, but I still think someone with knowledge can help.

I don’t think you can do that. You will have to edit the Waypoints in the mission and add the delay.

Thank you for your reply and interest.
I think maybe the software can be changed. When recording with CH7, the delay time can be added automatically in this way. But I don’t know how I can do this, or how to find the v2.5.1 beta version if I want to.

I don’t think so. I have used Save Waypoints many times and do not see how you can add a delay time when the only option is to toggle a configured switch to save the current coordinate as a waypoint.

All coding was done by the developers. Including the use of CH7_OPTION parameter. Therefore, this operation can be added as an option when saving this parameter.
As far as I know, raw resources are still available to developers, but I don’t know how to find the raw resource of 2.5.1.

Well sure, many options can be added by coding. Good luck.

Thank you my friend.

Look into lua scripting, maybe you have a chance there.

p.s. you’ll ahve to change the controller and load a recent firmware i am afraid.

I would start from here:

Thanks dude. But to edit this code, I need to find out which rover v2.5.1 or AC 3.2.1 / AP 3.4.0 should be encoded. And I have to find the raw version of these codes. I’m slowly installing it on my computer. I know some coding, so I just have to find a way to find these files and update them.

I think this is the command line I need to edit.

local pat = "wp:(%S+)%s+lat:(%S+)%s+lon:(%S+)%s+alt:(%S+)"
for s1, s2 ,s3,s4 in string.gmatch(content, pat) do
    --s = string.format("wp:%s lat:%s lon:%s alt:%s",s1,s2,s3,s4)
    --gcs:send_text(0, s)
    n1 = tonumber(s1)
    n2 = math.floor(tonumber(s2*10000000))
    n3 = math.floor(tonumber(s3*10000000))
    n4 = tonumber(s4)

    -- use previous item as template...
    m = mission:get_item(mission:num_commands()-1)
    m:command(16) -- 16 = normal WAYPOINT
    -- write as a new item to the end of the list.

But for APM 2.6 and rover v2.5.1 beta, I don’t know where to find and edit these raw files. I learn how to do it is ok, but I need to find the raw files.

The line example added when I save the waypoint is below:

1	0	3	16	10.00000000	0.00000000	0.00000000	0.00000000	40.18454650	29.11541000	100.000000	1

I think column 5 (10.00000000) is the delay time added. But I’m trying to figure out how to add this when adding waypoints with the CH7 function.

CH7 parameter should automatically load the delay time while saving waypoint, this is the whole problem …

Ok, i guess you don’t have time to read what is lua and how it works :slight_smile:
Good luck

No, I’m researching lua right now. However, I could not find any information that Arducopter 2.6 supports Lua.

It doesn’t. Even some up to date 32bit boards which are flash limited to 1mb have scripting disabled in the latest firmware and you are years behind that.What is the reason to stick with outdated hardware?

Because I only have this card. In my country, such products are very expensive (the dollar is too high). So the best option is the product I have right now.

In fact, a friend who has the raw version of this version, I think he can compile and send this option to me, only when compiling the software, he will set the relay option from the parameter that saves the waypoint to “10”, not “0”, and I think this is a really easy process.

Do you think it can not be done?