Save Current position when using NTRIP connection

Hi all,

we are testing Here+ RTK GPS on our surveys using NTRIP connection with success results, but I have some questions regarding to this.

I suppose “RTCM Base” are the absolute coordinates of the antenna which give us our absolute position on site. Is that right?

In this case, that given position is the one I use to start surveying and guide the Rover with good accuracy. But the thing is that I don’t see this absolute coordinates anywhere and if I use the “Save Current Position” button in order to save it it, gives strange numbers starting with ceros.
Is there anyway to know our global position?

Thanks in advance.

if you use ntrip, the base location is provided from the ntrip source. you cannot change this. and there is no need to save, as the ntrip source will have the location pre defined

Appreciate the answer.
I don’t want to change that global position provided by the source, but just knowing if the accuracy of this position is very good. The thing is that we are connecting to different antennas in order to know which give us the most accurate comparing with a topographical GPS. I think would be great to know it.

And what about that field “RTCM base”? Is this the position of the antena providing our base position?

Thanks very much.

yes, the rtcm base is provided by the base. as for the base’s accuracy. you need to consult who run the base in the first place.

Thanks a lot. Got it!

Just one more thing please and very important.
The last survey test before starting operations were really successful with RTK and NTRIP. As we went with a professional surveyor to check all with GCPs we knew our accurate altitude which was 918m.

Then, after the flight I georeferenced with MP and I had 978m altitude. I did the surveyd at 60m relative. If you see 978 - 918 is equal 60m.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to do absolute or terrain survey or is an program error?

Thanks in advance.