Satellite and LTE Command and Control/Mavlink

Hi All,

We’re developing some exciting new Command and Control methods using satellite, and we’re seeking urgent assistance from the Mavlink experts out there to assist with the project.

The time urgency has come from a disaster relief job we have coming up in Asia. It’s a great cause.

Seeking someone with availability asap to commit some time to help with high latency communications via Mavlink.

There is also LTE elements to it, but expect this to be a bit less complex. The main challenge is likely satellite related.

Please drop me a line should anyone be interested and available to help, or you can recommend someone!

Thanks :pray:

@stephendade might have some tips

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also, if you haven’t seen it check out this thread: Global Satellite Telemetry for ArduPilot

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Hi @Rorymh,

I may be able to help - I’ve got both experience in satellite communications and MAVLink development.

My website (and contact details) are here:

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James, thank you so much for the tag and link. I’ve spoken to Pavel before actually, he was very helpful but doesn’t have capacity right now.

Kind regards

Hi @stephendade,

Thank you for the reply. I’ve sent you an email, look forward to chatting soon.

Kind regards