Same axis thrust inconsistency


So I thought I had a broken motor - this may or may not be the case, but in any case I just replaced the suspect one (I think, at any rate) and I’m still seeing one axis (3 and 4) on a quad X running much lower thrust levels than the other axis (1 and 2). Attached is a short log which demonstrates this.

The vehicle is a Tarot 650 with 3DR Pixhawk, a Neo-7M w/ external mag on a mast, a 3-axis DYS gimbal front-mounted. It’s reasonably well balanced and is aerodynamically uncomplicated. Motors are MT3510 700KV with 12x55 props. Hover throttle should be about 45% going off eCalc, but is working out at more like 65%. There was a period where it was at more like 45%, so this might still be a hardware issue, but I can’t figure out what’s going on really. Any insight would be great.

motors 1 and 2 running at different demand to 3 and 4 is symptoms of a twisted arm/motor not level. I doesn’t take very much misalignment at all to see this.