Sailboat - Hardware/Advice requested

Sailboat - I am looking for advice for hardware that is not too expensive, can operate on 2 cells, power 2 servos (rudder and sail winch) and can perform a HEADING HOLD FUNCTION. I presume that would require a GPS and Compass. Is anyone already doing this? What hardware are you using? I certainly could use the advice. I appreciate your input!

Thanks, Bob

Sure there is Sailboat support. Use search in the forum here. Just about any supported flight controller will work.

Yes thank you for your input,. I am very much a beginer and have little to no experience. If you have an idea for an inexpensive Flight controller that would provide me with a direction hold (GPS/Magnetometer??) Would be very helpful. Thank you

There are many options. The Matek H743 family of flight controllers are good choices. Qiotek is another. The GPS/compass module will be a separate external device. .

Go with an H7-series processor. You may find that you need to write a Lua script to provide the exact function you desire, and I’d hate to see you limited by a less fully featured autopilot.

Thank you for your response I question my abilities to do that however, heck I am a nube

Regardless of your abilities or lack thereof, ArduPilot doesn’t offer a pure heading hold mode. But it can be made to do so via user-accessible customization (Lua scripting).

Steering Mode attempts a Heading Hold.

True, but it is fairly “loose” in practice. It’s a place to start, though.

Also imprecise in heading selection (just slewing via RC).

Maybe that will suffice for the use case.

What do you have in mind for a sailboat?

I will use dragonflight 95 to play with

Nice. That will be a relatively easy setup as you already have ruddder and sail winch servo’s in place.
Read thru the Wiki Sailboat