Sailboat Demonstration

Hi everyone, I would like to showcase some of the work I have recently done on a sailboat. The sailboat runs Ardupilot(Obviously), but all the control systems are done using lua scripts. I also developed a simulation of this specific sailboat that can be used to prototype and develop control systems that can then be implemented in Ardupilot. I have written quite a lot of Lua scripts ranging from stability tests, to rudder step responses, PI-Controller, sail winch state machine, UART wind sensor (can send other sensor data as well) and a navigation state machine. Here is a link to a video of the sailboat performing a step

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I will continue to post results from my test on this topic. I would also like to commit my Lua scripts to ardupilot git, as it makes use of a mathematical approach to design the steering control by performing tests and looking at the yaw angle, yaw rate and rudder angle. I believe the results from the scripts can also be used to build on the existing code for sailboat. This project is my Masters in Electronic Engineering so I will at the end of this year have a detailed document on the control systems and the results.

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Hi @Ruben_van_Tonder,

Thanks very much for sharing! We’ve got some instructions on the wiki here for raising PRs to contribute back to AP.

FYI @iampete is our sailboat maintainer.