Safety Switch Rework

I saw this issue for adding safety switch functionality and it got me wondering how others have an emergency stop switch set up currently.

I have a “primer” relay that is wired through a NC switch that goes open when pressed. This “primer” relay then triggers a larger relay that is wired into my Sabertooth 2X60 which controls my drive motors. But because the E-stop has to be in an accessible area, I have a long wire run.

What I like about the proposed functionality is that there’s now a way to see at the ground control station that the emergency switch has been pressed.

I’m probably using the flight modes wrong, but when I’m running an auto mission and I notice I’m about to hit an obstacle or need to stop the rover, I use the Set Mode > Manual drop down on the Actions tab. This is janky, but I’m not sure how else to do it.

How have others implementing a safety switch?