Safety switch compulsory?

Hi guys.
Just wondering if the safety switch is a obligatory must have or can we turn it off in the parameters (like on the Pixhawk 1) ? And, no,I’m not powering it up until I’m sure). I’ve ordered a Here GPS but that won’t be getting here in a rush so I’d like to use a stock M8N for benching.I’ve got to hack a few other cables of course but if I can get away with it I will.I’ve got an M8N which will plug straight into the GPS 2 port (off a Pixhack).I’ve fried a couple of bits lately so thought I’d check before the smoke appears.

Here it is all I know

Thanks edge. I’ve got all those,and I even printed them out which isn’t like me at all.All I can find in there is this.

[quote]Important Notes:
PIXHAWK2.1 integrates safety switch alone with standard GPS. If you haven’t bought
the GPS. Please plug the saftety switch into the GPS 1 port in order to fly.


I’d guess it can be disabled but haven’t gone in there yet to see.

You can disable it, same as ph1. Brd_safety_enable=0 I think is the param.

Thanks James.I spent agaes yesterday staring at the full parameter list trying to remember which one it was.I’ll have a look.