Sabertooth ESC for skid steering Rovers[COMPLETED]

Topic: User support of skid steering rovers using Sabertooth ESCs

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I am looking for funding to get one of these

which I will mount on this 4x4 rover which I already have

The problem is at least once a month I get a user with a skid steering rover using one of these Sabertooth controllers which have their own configuration via a set of dip switches and invariably one of those is wrong and causes issues. The problem is I’m not positioned to advise the user at all as I’ve no idea what the correct settings on the Sabertooth should be. Yes I can read the data sheet but some of the settings seem to be counter-intuitive.

The other significant benefit to this is I will finally get my skid steering rover up and running and be able to do real world testing of all the skid steering rover code.

Planned amount $$ (USD): Its $155.00 Australian dollars (this includes $10 for shipping) so tells me that’s $118USD.

Estimated time for completion:
Once the controller turns up it will be a few days to build the rover up.

Tridge has offered his skid steering Rover which we think has a Sabertooth on it. I’ll know more after the weekend when I have picked it up. Until then consider this funding request on hold.

Thanks, Grant.

If i remember well, you just have to set the switches to be in traditional RC mode 1 channel per signal if you want to use skid steering with ardupilot.

But you can also use one channel for throttle and one for steering. Considering skid steering isn’t fully working and still have some bugs, maybe this second option would be the best so ardupilot would drive like it would a “normal” steering and the sabertooth does all the mixing stuff

I’ve just marked this thread as [COMPLETED] and dropped the ‘proposal’ tag because it’s no longer a funding proposal.