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S500 build gone wrong [HW related ]

(Vaggelis ) #1

hello everyone
i had some parts laying arround so i decied to build an other drone ( i have an 3dr iris+ ,and a f450)
i chose a s500 frame
i had 2212 1400kv motors (oops )
1038 props
3s 4200mah
30a esc

the maiden went somewhat ok … but then a prop spin off ant i plumeted to the gnd . ( i wonder why :rofl::sweat_smile::roll_eyes:)

i know the motors are way overspec for the frame . and the pixracer was not tuned .
what sould change hardware wise , to make it somewhat reasonable flyng macine ?
i want it to be stable . i dont care if its aggresive to fly

(Mike Boland) #2

For a start you will need to post a .bin file from the flight controller for anyone to be able to analyse anything that is happening.
How much does the rig weigh?

(Vaggelis ) #3

so ,
im back after swaping motors to 2212 920kv and swaping gps due to issues regarding the sats locked (wouldnd go higher than 3 or 4 ) i installed a m8n while trying the compass calibration the external compass wouldnt calibrate , the bar would stack in the middle while the otehrs being full

attached the fdr of the maiden flight . almost had a flyaway!Ajj22G8Xnpbui8U0p1iIP4CwxfXaIg?e=W1L20f

helpfuly i wont have to swap again gpses for the compass

(Dave) #4

And what is the all up weight including the battery as Mike asked?

(Vaggelis ) #5

Sory for the delay, the takeoff weight is 1.2kg
Running on 2212 920kv 1038 props (planning on getting a 1045 carbon fiber) 3s 4200mah 45c battery
Later I’ll add a harkrc storm 32 and a fpv (flir duo as payload)

(Vaggelis ) #6

So… We have her back in the sky.
Quite stable on loiter. But some tuning definitely is needed