S1000 + Pixhawk min throttle issue?

Hey guys,
i flew my s1000 + pixhawk the first time today.

vibs seems very good, the only issue i had was that the motors didnt start after arming, only when i throttled up 5-10%
so i asume the min throttle is to low? or do i need to clibrate the S1000 escs (is that even possible?)


I just built a new hex…or rebuilt with some old stuff and a reset fc. Loaded rc5 and had the same issue.

With mine I found 12 to be the sweet spot. I think it was default at 10 or .10.
.15 was far too fast and .1 left a couple of motors not spinning up.

Mine is using castle esc and some sunnysky motors so can’t promise my settings areally what you need.

Usually DJI ESC’s don’t have ESC calibration method, because they have a fixed PWM range from 1120 to 1940.

You’ll have to adjust the MOT_PWM_OUT ranges accordingly if using 3.4RC5 or above.

The Castles that the above poster are talking about have fixed endpoints too if memory serves correctly.

Luisvale is right. I had to setup my transmitter and pic hawk parameters for pwm range of 1120-1920 to get s1000 esc to work properly, the exact pwm is in the manual for the s1000 in the section about the esc tones and lights.

hey im using 3.3.3, what is the command there?
cant find MOT_PWM_OUT.

or just setup that pwm values in my transmitter and do RC calibration?

'edit : tested it, yes just set that values in your tx and than calibrate. works nice now.

I had to do something similar to this, but it seems the names of the parameters have changed in Mission Planner. I think (hope) I’ve done it correctly and got it working right, but I’m still testing.

I set my MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX to be 1120 and 1920 respectively. Motors all start at the same time now, and I can throttle up and down and get a response… But I’m still not sure everything’s correct because:

When I pull my stick all the way down, is this not a motor stopping action? So far, I must disarm by pulling the throttle stick to the left, but I’d rather full down throttle for a second stops the motors. Then when I go above half throttle and try to bring the rpms on the motors down, it hesitates big-time. Maybe it’s trying to maintain altitude? IT also seems to be hovering a little strongly, so maybe I need ot adjust something there.

I’ve got to get the props off it before further testing. So far I’ve been weighting it down with 40 lbs of sandbags and also getting underneath and holding it with one hand in case the s1000 gets too crazy while operating the controller with the other, but the thought of it getting out of control in the living room is motivating me to get the props off it.