S.bus over Ethernet

Hi all

Looking for a way to send S.bus from the remote control to the Flight Computer (Cube) over Ethernet link (probably UDP), have ever heard such project \ tried it?


I would convert the s.bus to a standard serial (115200bps) and use a simple serial to ethernet bridge. Same conversion backwards at the flight side. For conversion check out Teensy 3.2 it is small enough, has good processing power and peripherials, plus you can program it in arduino enviroment which has already developed libs for s.bus.

Sounds like a nice idea, i’ll explore the option … if i am adding a Tennsy i might make it do the UDP as well …

If it is on th GCS side, it would be easier just to implement it as a Python script. Can you make a sketch of the setup?


it is a simple setup a UAV I am working on going to use a Cube, the RF link is a high end that will take the video and provide a seamless Ethernet on both ends on which i’ll send mavlink down via a companion computer and wanted to send the sbus up not via a computer but straight via Ethernet so it will be independent from the GCS…

In that case you can encapsulate the control stream as serial over udp and decode using teensy or any small sized embedded. Btw you could do the same with MavLink

what do you mean by that?

Instead of streaming the rc over encapsulated serial, you convert directly to mavlink RC channels that get transported through MavLink over UDP

I’ll consider that, just needs to make sure it won’t add too much delay…

Technically that would be allmost the same, the problem with UDP is … UDP !!! There is not garantee with packet delivery and delay. The much straightforward serial over spread Spectrum (S.bus) is fast and less prone to errors.

You will not fly with it as a racer, but with a high enough rate for the RCchannels message (lets say 10hz) it should work. The difference is that you have to work with GCS failsafe instead of RC failsafe.

Yes, good catch Andras

With tethered applications we used ethernet with UDP but the control was udp encapsulated s.bus to make control independent from the GCS software for some kind of redundancy.

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