rxRssi with RDF 900X

Hi i am looking for some info on setting up rssi with RDF 900X running Sbus pass through with the Cube working fine just cant get it to report RXrssi to the cube or Mission planer or to the OSD

If configured for Mavlink mode, RFD modems are sending RADIO Mavlink packets, they contains the rssi on the ground and on the air. MissionPlanner put these into the rssi and remrssi status variables. You can display them as user item in the HUB or in the QuickView tab.

RDF are sending Mavlink packets and S-Bus is working with Ardupilot
Is there something i need to turn on in the prams on a the cube it does not report remrssi or rssi or rxrssi

Please try the latest MP there was an issue display it because it doesn’t send from the same sysid and compid of the drone