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RX RSSI not being displayed properly

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #1

Using Arduplane daily build for OmnibusF4Pro.

RX RSSI is analog from RX and displays properly in OSD, via telem port in Mission Planner and Tower, but not in QGC Android version

it states RSSI not avaliable when TX is on, and bounces noisily at 10-20% when TX is off…

OSD/MP, etc. indicates properly…ie 95-100% when TX is on, and 1-5% when TX is off…

(basti) #2

@Noircogi referenced this fix on RCG recently:

afaik last release for mobile devices is 3.2 though.


(DonLakeFlyer) #3

Latest Android stable build is 3.4. The RSSI fix for ArduPilot is in Daily Builds which are also available for Android.

(basti) #4

thanks @DonLakeFlyer
i was looking at the android download pages‘ release notes saying 3.2, while additional info‘s version points to 3.4 really.
iPhone version seems to be 3.2 though. any chance there‘ll be updates for the iPhone version?

thanks, basti.

(DonLakeFlyer) #5

Ah, the android store listing was out of date. I changed it with a link to the release notes intead of including directly. I’ll look at what’s going on with Apple store version. That should be 3.4 as well.