Rx Frequency Emission FS iA10B

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I hope I am following forum rules for my first discussion.
I am having some doubts with frequency emission from my PixHawk 2.4.8 Autopilot and Fly Sky FS iA10B Rx. Let me create a situation for better understanding. Suppose my quad is like 200 meters away from takeoff location and for some unknown reasons the communication between the Tx and Rx gets break (Tx exploded). So by default the drone will wait for 0.5 seconds for the next command, if not received any then Failsafe RTH would kick in cause it to come back to home location.

Question –

  1. Do Rx emit any signals/frequencies to Tx for communication like Tx do? I know they can communicate on the ‘give and take’ protocols but is it proper emission or just the protocol?
  2. While following the RTH path, will the receiver try to regain lost signals? If YES, how it would and what would be the exact pattern? It would try to regain continuously or in some defined pattern (Ex- in slots of every 3 seconds instead of continuously emission).
  3. What would be the frequencies emitted by the receiver? 2.4/5.8 GHz or some other frequencies to regain?
  4. Can I mimic the situation in real time and use spectrum analyser to study the pattern and power of Rx?
    I guess I have explained the situation well and expecting response. Thanks

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