RVjet, X8 or Nimbus 1800 all in VTOL


Friends, could you help make a decision?
I am in doubt to mount RVjet, X8 or Nimbus all in Vtol.
Load camere rgb and micasense and they can fly at 14m/s and autonomy of 1 hour or more.
What would be the most appropriate platform for agricultural mapping in moderate winds?
Pixhawk 4 controller would be a good controller?

Hello… Between X8 and Nimbus, I would recommend Nimbus VTOL because flying wings aren’t that great when it comes to fighting wind. We use Pixhawk 2.1 cube in all of our builds with the latest arduplane firmware.

Thanks for the information.
Are your airplane vtol mounted?
Could you inform battery, motor, propeller and esc configuration?
What software do you use to do the missions?

Check out this thread: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/nimbus-tricopter-vtol/3

Good luck.