Running wp files without telemetry?

I would like to know if you can toggle a special button to run wp files in mission planner via USB. Is telemetry really required?
Forgive any mistakes as I am a first timer here.
Thank you.

You would need a really long USB cable :wink:

You upload waypoints to the autopilot via USB and then use a switch on your transmitter to start the auto mission.

Thanks for your reply.
but how do I set a special button for autopilot?
Thank you

Set one of your flight modes (stabilize, pos hold, loiter etc) to “auto”, switching your flight mode to auto will then start the mission you have uploaded to the uav.

You don’t NEED to have telemetry connected in order to fly a mission, I have flown every auto mission on my quad without telemetry connected.

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Will I be able to use ardupilot without telemetry or any communication with the drone? Because I wanna fly my drone autonomously using GPS only without any ground station control.

You don’t need telemetry or a Ground Control Station to fly an Auto Mission after the Mission is uploaded to the Flight Controller.

how can i upload it without it?
I tried using male to male usb cable but it is not connected to ardupilot do have any idea how can i fix it? or what i have done wrong?

  1. Connect your computer/tablet to the autopilot via a USB cable.
  2. Open up your ground control software and connect to the autopilot.
  3. Create and upload the mission.
  4. Unplug the autopilot from your computer/tablet.
  5. Arm the aircraft and set to auto mode (raise throttle to being mission).

When I am trying to connect ardupilot to the pi. It says " Heartbeat Packets Not Received" do you have any idea how can I fix it?