Running on a low spec laptop

I’m running MP on win10 (latest version) on a low spec laptop: I3-2330m 2.2ghz 8gb ram, 256gb SSD

most of the time it crash just after connecting. I’m even unable to run Gstreamer to visualize HD video from openHD flow.

What can I do in order to improve a bit performance?

Opening task manager I noticed that it use a lot of RAM (6+gb) . Could be this related?

MP uses 6gb? or other stuff?

MP use 6gb. I checked opening task manager. I can make screenshot if you may need it

did couple of more tests.

when it starts use about 150mb without any device connected (serial or UDP telemetry) after 30-60 sec RAM increase within few seconds to 6gb


I’m interested in following your problem.

Most of the time I use Mission Planner on an old Microsoft Surface 3 - and it has much less performance capabilities than your laptop. Although it’s not very fast, it has always run Mission Planner OK.

I like the Microsoft Surface 3 because it has LTE support for cellular internet connections.

I’m using Mission Planner on the Surface 3 right now - but not connected to a flight controller. It’s using only 10MB according to Task Manager.

I’m interested in finding out what’s causing your situation.

what features are you uisng? are you using geotiffs? or GDAL images etc?

Screenshot are taken few seconds after turn it on. Not even connect serial adapter or USB.

It is not consistent. I would say that 1 out 4 works, the other crash.

I will try to reinstall maybe

disinstalled, clean with CCleaner, reinstalled. Same situation. Within 60 sec ram goes from 170-180m to 6gb.
I launched firefox and it remain within 400mb constantly

FYI Qgrond control crash always :frowning:

@Michael_Oborne any news?

i dont really have enough info to make any judgement.

you could try doing this

  1. start MP
  2. wait for plugins to load
  3. right click the map
  4. click Trace.
  5. wait, a message will popup when tracing starts
  6. wait a little bit
  7. send the files from C:\temp\Snapshot

this is not a memory snapshot, so not sure if it will show anything usefull

Some other things that you can try.

  • Delete Mission Planner directories from Documents and ProgramData dirs (ProgramData is normally hidden).
  • Try start Mission Planner without internet connection.
    if it runs without internet, then start again when online and when memory usage increased, close it and send MissionPlanner.log files (all of them) from ProgramData/Mission Planner folder.

This has been done. Please find file here: Mission planner crashing - Google Drive

so after looking at the trace you did, most activity seems to be trying to generate thumbnails of old logs.

normally mission planner will run this, and then create the .jpg thumbnail, and never generate it again until its been removed. have you been deleting the .jpg files that mission planner generates?

Of course no.

I noticed that this happened after a Windows update.

Anyway following the suggestion of Eorbardy I delete the folder that he suggested and now it runs ok.

The only thing is I don’t get video starting with gstreamer while using openhd but I think mp block it due to low spec ?