Running dronekit scripts without a companion computer

hi all,
im in need to run scripts and send them to the drone connected via telemetry dongle with mission planner. is it possible to use dronekit running on the same machine running mission planner? or do i have to run it on a companion compter?
thanks in advanvced

You can run dronekit from your ground computer. MissionPlanner also has the ability to run scripts.

@james_pattison thhank you very much

@james_pattison in the link you posted i see there is only 6 commands you can use in a script, i dont see there is a takeoff command there or “flyto” commands there. are these 6 options the only options? or i actually can arm,takeoff and fly to given cooardinates?

I’ve never actually used Missionplanner scripting, I just knew it was there :slight_smile:
But you can arm, change mode, set throttle with it, so takeoff is possible. There’s almost certainly examples floating around: @Michael_Oborne might know more

check the scripts directory that ships with MP, there are some complex examples in there.
MP supports ironpython scripts, and c# scripts/plugins.

@Michael_Oborne thank you very much.
Is there a syntax wiki to see the syntax for commands?

syntax is just python.
available commands can be seen in the examples

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