Running Bendy Ruler with Teraranger Tower Evo on Pixhawk mini

Hi guys. I have tried to run Bendy Ruler with Teraranger Tower Evo on Pixhawk 4 mini. In my work, I set up a mission and made drones fly back and forth. After it took off, it just flew up and down at the same place or just stuck in the air. I tried to debug with send_text and I think the algorithm work fine. In my parameter setting, I set OA_LOOKAHEAD as “5”, OA_MARGIN_MAX as “3”, OA_DB_OUTPUT as “3” and SR1_ADSB as “5”, so I can see obstacles on the maps as red circles. I flew my drone in a wide grassland so the drone is far from obstacles such as the building, trees etc.

In my opinion, it’s probably failed because the computing power of pixhawk 4 mini is not enough for running Bendy Ruler. I have tried tune down the update rate of proximity sensor and avoidance_adsb but it’s not working still.

Same situation as you ^^

Please post logs. Just speculating otherwise.

here it is

status update:

I tried to reset my OA_DB_QUEUE_SIZE to “5” & OA_DB_SIZE to “2”.
After tuning and assigning the mission, the drone will fly to the first waypoint from start point rather than just stuck in the air like before. However, it won’t fly to the next waypoint.

I have the same issue, any luck so far?

Yes, although the case was closed a year ago, but I remember this may because the system somehow “detects” an obstacle at the “center of our drone”, so the algorithm will keep avoiding that obstacle. I’m not sure is this caused by the ardupilot firmware or it do have an obstacle detected at the center of our drone. I solved it by filtering the detected obstacles which are very close to our drone and it worked perfectly.

Thanks, I’ve seen in the teraranger evo GUI that when the sensors don’t detect obstacles in range it sends a "Inf"value and when there’re are no sensors connected (if you’re using only four sensors instead of eight) the empty slots send a -1. Maybe that’s related to the behaviour that you’re describing. How did you filter these values?

Yes, I seem to recall “inf” value is the problem. I think that I did that by editing proximity sensor backend codes or bendy ruler algorithm codes, I’m not sure.

So no easy fix… too bad. it would be nice if they could add something like a PRX_IGN_DIST parameter to ignore obstacles inside a certain range…
Thank you.

yeah…as I know, it would need to modify the codes. I don’t know if the Ardupilot team did something about that, maybe someone can offer a better solution.

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Hey, in case you’re still interested, it looks like it’s going to be finally solved!