Running ardupilot boat with Ubuntu 20.04 on jetson nano

Hi all,
We are trying to use Ubuntu 20.04 on Jetson nano as a companion computer for the ardupilot boat. Has anyone tried this before as we have issues with getting the pixhawk board talk to the jetson nano.

What specific issues are you having with the Pixhawk connection to the Jetson?

There’s should be no issue here. I’m running a flight controller connected to a Jetson Nano (Ubuntu 18) via the 40-pin header with no issues.

There was no problem for me either when I used Ubuntu 18. But Due to some incompatibility I have to use buntu 20. Whatever works in 18 does not work on 20.

The problem is that I can not get Pixhawk talk to Jetson nano. I am using different things but nothing works. The maxproxy gives me illegal instruction message.

So Nvidia doesn’t provide Jetpack Ubuntu20 images for the Jetson Nano. How are you installing Ubuntu20?