Running apm on 4s lipo

I have always used 3s lipo with apm but I was wondering what sort of modifications I’d have to make if i wanted to run my apm quadcopter on 4s lipo. Would I have to cut the 3dr power module wires ends and resolver 4s compatible connectors. Is there an apm compatible power module that is intended for use with a 4s lipo?

I’ve run APM and Pixhawk on 3s and 4s through the same power module without any problems. You only have to change the connector to suit your battery, you could just make a converter if the PM has a different connector to your battery.

Aside from that, you will need to change your battery failsafe voltage, if you use it.

Its my understanding that the 3DR power module is 4S compatible

David R. Boulanger

thanks for the 411

quick update

I’ve been running my new tarot on a single 10,000 mAh multistar 4s lipo and loving the added flight time.