Running 6S LiHV Battery

Hey guys,

I want to upgrade my 15" 680mm DAYA H4 quadcopter to 6S battery. I heard that they are more efficient for this type of build.

I’m currently running:
4S 5200mAh Lumenier battery
4x T-motor 3508-380KV motors
4x Hobbywing Xrotor 40A 4S-6S ESCs

I was trying to make sure that all components are compatible and so I reached out to Hobbywing to ask if ‘6S capable’ also included 6S LiHV batteries? They responded with “sure, use them… but nothing under 75C because they are usually low quality”. Any battery over 5A 6S runs at 60C, 45C, or even 25C - which should work fine for energy consumption. What do you guys think?

The LiHV batteries are only about 0.1V higher nominal voltage than the typical ones, so I would not foresee any compatibility issues, except maybe for your charger.

I can’t comment on how “worth it” the LiHV batteries are right now but we did just order a few of these

So I will have an opinion in a month or two, but they were not bought just becuase they were LiHV specifically.

Hi, how did you set up your propellers?
Did you use X frame (front right CCW) or H frame (front right CW)?

I believe I used X frame, which I think is the default, this was a while back.