RunCam Split 4 OSD. How to?

Hello friends. I’m confused. Is it possible to enable OSD on Split 4 and Pixhawk using Tx and RX wires?
I connected my camera to Pixhawk and configured it using this instruction, but I don’t understand the OSD section. It says “when the camera OSD is entered” does that mean that the camera must have OSD option?
So it is posible to turn on OSD on my camera with flight controller only, or I need to buy MinimOSD module?
Thank you.

Pixhawk doesn’t have integrated OSD hardware so yes you need an external board like the MinimOSD. Or use a Flight Controller with integrated OSD, there are many supported.

Yeah I am afraid that without integrated OSD this is not going to work well

MinimOSD works quite well at the expense of a UART. It is, however, a bit difficult to set up.