Runcam Hybrid wiring and setup on Omnibus Nano F4 V6.1

Hi there, sorry for my bad english (i’m from Italy).
I’m a beginner and i’m building a cinewhoop, i need some tips concerning the setup of my new Runcam Hybrid: i’m waiting for cables and sockets so i can arrange a schematic before soldering.
Here the results:

i have now the free UART4 (TX3-RX3) but the Hybrid needs TWO ports, one for 4k recording.
What i can do?

check for reference.
while you don’t actually need any uart to use the runcam, it optionally supports uart control for both the live-feed cam as well as HD recording. having opted for a board with only one full spare uart besides the one used for GPS, you’ll likely have to make a decision here.

Thank you my friend. :star_struck:

I need the HD control.
Maybe i solved my issue.

In order to control start and stop of video recording from a radio transmitter set a free rc channel to RCx_OPTION = 78 to enable triggering from that RC input channel. If the switch is in the low position then video recording is stopped, if in the high position then video recording is started.

Is this correct?