Run the standard arduino system on a Matek F-765 Wing

Has this been done?
I am looking at pinching the super-BEC capabilities and running a Arduino Zero board,
but it would be nice if I could use the superior board.

I am not going to try to modify Arducopter-too big a job.
What I want to do is well outside the system scope- second-order mixes, external sensor tracking.

I define second order mix when I use a Tx pot to vary the mix ratio, for instance pitch input with a variable
split between cyclic pitch and elevator,
The reason is the use of blended flight modes- either all thrust, or all copter, or a mix.
I also want to use an additional pot as a macro-trim to the elevator.- that is more a standard mix.
I want to start with something like Multiwii Helicopter. and work up from there.
I just need to find an s-bus implementation example to copy.

I put this in General category, as it doesn’t apply to Ardupilot at all, but only has a vague similarity.