Run Ardupilot on Here4?

Hi folks,

I need a new autopilot and I see the Here4 (as well as the Here3+?) can run Ardupilot - the Here4 has a good processor, GPS, barometer, compass, a breakout board with PWM outputs, etc.

Anyway, before I commit, can anyone verify this? I don’t see a specific firmware for it on the downloads page, is it perhaps in the works?


Its in the works - the module isn’t even being shipped afaik. You can pre-order on several vendors though.

Thanks - and do you know if there’s an Arducopter firmware for the Here3+?


There is not.

Thanks Dave. Appreciated.

I worked a little on a Here3+ implementation, but it was a bit beyond my skill set, and my requests for help went unanswered.

A Here3+ implementation would mostly just be a curiosity anyway. But the Here4 could really be useful, once it’s made available.

Agreed - yes - I wonder if AI could write the code for the Here4? :slight_smile:

There’s no need for that nonsense. It isn’t a difficult exercise to write and test a hwdef. I ran into a minor roadblock that I’m sure is easy to solve on the Here3+, I just didn’t get any support and gave up.

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It says in the manual:
Here 4 can enable flight controller function by connect to a Breakout board.

(Current firmware does not support this function)

Not good to see after trying to rig it up for testing!