Rudder on V-Tail in FBWA

Hi all with a v-tail plane in FBWA or CRUISE Mode
should the auto rudder be Opposite the low wing trying to push the nose up
or with the low wing trying to push the nose down ?

I think both tail flaps should move in towards each other whichever way you roll so as the plane rolls towards 45 degrees one becomes a rudder yawing the plane the right way and the other becomes an elevator raising the nose in the turn.

But I’ve never seen anyone agree with me so I’m probably wrong.

the guide here should help you:

Thanks missed that page lol

Quick note! If you have an “A” tail (inverted"V"?) the you need to swap left (79) and right (80) in the servo parameters.

Took me a little bit on that one… :slight_smile: