Rudder input affects swash

Hi all. When I turning rudder stick on transmitter then swash plate turns lightly. All this in STABILIZE mode. There are no issues with swash in ACRO mode. Can’t find anything relating to this in full parameter list.

FW version: ArduCopter V3.2.1

AC3.3.3 firmware update to try and read Rob’s AC3.3 Change Documents

I’m using APM 2.6 board. This board is not supported in FW versions newer than 3.2.1. Can I resolve my problem in another way? Thanks for your help. Artem.

APM 2.x in FW AC3.2.1 Debugging can not succeed!

I do not understand you. What do you mean?

Under APM2.x in SW AC3.2.1 conditions Debugging Fails!

Today I noticed that if I tilt heli by hand slightly around the roll axis, then yaw stick movements let the swash pitch. If I tilt heli slightly around the pitch axis, then yaw stick let the swash roll.
All this in Stabilize mode. Acro is Ok.

I can rec a small video, if it helps.

APM 2.x of Heli AC3.2.1 of Stabilize mode and Acro mode without problems, even given the Althold mode can be, but is under Lioter mode and Poshold mode, it is difficult to achieve a smooth point level relative positions will gradually appear the so-called the TBE - toilet effect!