Rudder gyro compensation not working


I have setup my Pixhawk on a fixed wing Cub and the ailerons & elevator move correctly to gyro compensate, but the rudder does not move at all (it’s not backwards compensation, it just does not move when I move the tail). It does respond correctly to stick input on the radio. I have it set up as Rudder for the function.

I am thinking you should have assigned this to the Plane section, it’s most likely not hardware related.
You probably want to say what the RCPassThru channels do - one might have to be throttle.

ArduPlane doesn’t enable the yaw damper by default. Have you enabled it (see here)? Does the rudder move a little when you roll the aircraft? It should do that unless you have set KFF_RDDRMIX to zero.

Thank you… yes one is flap and one is throttle

Thank you! I did not enable it so I see that it is actually acting as it should.

You should set those channels correctly, rather than as passthrough

I could not get the flaps to work other than passthrough, but I only want them to work on my command so I thought passthough would be best. I will change the throttle though. Thank you.