Rudder and throttle not working with X-Plane 10

I tried a simulation with Mission Planner using X-Plane 10 but only the aileron and elevator on the right stick of my DX8 work.

The throttle and rudder on the left stick don’t work.

All I can do is sit at the end of the runway and waggle the ailerons and elevators…

Any ideas

Hello anparkinson, if you had been able to waggle the ailerons and elevators that’s more that I’ve been able to do. I can’t even make any control inputs to go into the simulator, I’ve followed the instructions on … imulation/ and can’t make the sim to start, maybe together we can work this around, could you please tell me if you had done anything different from what’s on the wiki to be able to waggle the control surfaces on XPlane?

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