Ruby FPV Setup Problems

Hello, I’m trying to set up a Ruby FPV system and I haven’t been able to get the controller and the vehicle Rpi to connect. I’ve followed the wiring diagrams, and tried several different wifi modules with the correct chipset, but for some reason, the vehicle Rpi recognizes the network interface, then just goes to the terminal. The controller side seems to be working fine and I’m able to navigate the menus and change configurations, the vehicle side seems to be the problem. Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this? See attached for the displays on the controller and vehicle side.

From Controller menus, use Search and search for the vehicle on 2.4 band.
If you swapped SD cards or did any other HW changes, it might not work.
Better yet, use 2 fresh installed SD cards with Ruby 6.0.
By default, the controller will search for a default vehicle, instead of showing you “No vehicles defined”