Rubber between motor and frame?


I am building a 900mm, 7kg octacopter with Tiger Motors. I have always mounted the motors directly on the carbon motor-plates which are directly on the booms. Do any of you use any dampening between motors and motor-plates? Like rubber of any kind to lower vibrations.


One word; DONT ! Frame and motor fittings must be as rigid as possible. An elastic mount for motors could make PID tuning hard or almost impossible.

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Clear answer. =)
I know some put rubber on FPV-racing-drones.
I am not talking about 10 mm rubberlegs, more like tape-thickness (not elastic att all, only gets rid of some vibrations).
But OK, I will start mounting the motors without the rubbertape.

But I still cant get why you couldnt use a thin rubbertejp. The motors thrusts are downwords. Its angle wont change. Right? The motors wont flex around and flap here and there, they are bolted to the frame, but with some “soundproofing” between, which should take of the very intense small ripples.