RTL works well!

I recently bought a Taranis transmitter and had the first flight with one of my planes, a simple flying wing.

With the conversion to Taranis, some of the aerodynamic trims changed and after a hand launch the wing required up elevator trim.

I suppose I may have been unfamiliar with the feel of the Taranis: Instead of adjusting the elevator trim tab I pulled down on the on/off switch and turned the transmitter off!

I had a large degree of pucker factor when I detected that I no longer had control of the plane. But right after that realization sunk in the plane leveled out and began a circle out over the field.

Turns out the plane went into short failsafe CIRCLE mode, and then long failsafe RTL mode and was circling around the rally point I had added in anticipation of a short mission. As I contemplated how long it would circle until the battery ran out I realized the transmitter was turned off.

I turned the transmitter back on, switched to manual mode, regained control and brought the plane in without further drama.

That’s a gutsy fail-safe test!

Fortunately I set the failsafe strategy before the first flight.

Thanks ArduPlane engineers for a good job.

Hi Paul,

You can now check the box that says you tested failsafe mode. :slight_smile:

When using Plane v3.8, you can enable the SERVO_AUTO_TRIM feature to automatically find your level flight trim settings so no need to adjust the elevator or aileron trim tabs.


Thanks Greg. I’ll look into that that feature. In the meantime I may fabricate some kind of guard to prevent me from hitting the on/off button while in flight.

Update: Looked at SERVO_AUTO_TRIM and am intrigued. I usually launch in manual mode to see if the airplane is working properly, but I suppose I could launch in stabilized mode when using auto trim.