RTL won't work. Seems to fly away

I’m using a H743 wing V2. Everything seems to work correctly. Loiter works great so my GPS must be locked. When I switch to RTL, the plane seems to want to fly away. Does not come back to launch site and circle. I’ve gone over set up several times but no luck. this is my first auto pilot. so I must not have something set right. Help. Thanks.

Post a .bin log file from the flight.

Have you set up a rally point some place?

No. I didn’t think that was necessary. I thought it would always RTL wherever it got GPS lock.

Have a read through all of the RTL params and documentation. I’m wondering if perhaps you are initiating RTL below the RTL altitude, and it’s trying to gain altitude before returning.

Yes. That could be. The plane does increase speed when it tries to flyaway. I have alt set at 120ft. I will try above that.



For the purpose of testing, set ALT_HOLD_RTL to something below your cruise altitude. Its raw value is in cm.

Once you’ve got things sorted, you can raise it back to something that’s safer for your intended area of operations.