RTL When Two Vehicles Are are Connected in QGC

I am currently working to connect two vehicles to QGC and had success in doing so. I am using RFD900s to communicate between QGC and the vehicles as well as using the controller (transmitter) for manual control of each. I have both the Throttle Failsafe and the Ground Station Failsafe enabled. Here is where it gets interesting. I believe that when I switch from vehicle #1 to vehicle #2 in QGC, vehicle #1 sees it as a loss of Ground Station and triggers the RTL (even though the RFD900s are still showing a connection). Is there a way to keep the Failsafe enabled, but not trigger the RTL when making the switch in QGC?
*Note: I want to keep the ability to disconnect the RFD900 as a last resort to trigger an RTL.